The journey to my extraordinary life.

January 1st, 2019, I said goodbye to my family as I boarded a flight to Amsterdam to start a new job as a UX Designer. I really didn’t know the depth of what was waiting for me on the other side but I’d say it was the beginning of a deeply uncomfortable self-development journey that I’d forever be grateful for.

Brace yourself, this is going to be a very long read — open, vulnerable, and honest.

I had many expectations about moving to Amsterdam. The biggest one was that I was finally going to be “happy”. I would have my…

UX Case Study

An attempt at redesigning the Lagos public transit experience.

Note: This is the first part of three articles detailing my design process in an attempt in creating a better experience for an average Lagos Commuter. This first article is focused on the problems, user research, and proposed solution.

The Problem

The growing population and rapid development of Lagos have placed a big strain on the city’s public transportation system. Traffic congestion is a massive problem in Lagos, and despite the past improvements to public transportation and road networks to try and ease this, it can still take hours to travel just a few kilometers.

Lagos has a population of over 21…

Lifting weights? Better designer? Yes!

I didn’t write this to teach you the techniques of lifting weights or how to build muscles (you can find everything you need to know about that on but rather to share with you what lifting weights has taught me and how I used that to make myself a better designer.

About three years ago, I decided I wanted to be fit and healthy. I started exercising, not consistently though but I was doing something. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and it was even harder because I am naturally slim. After a…

Oluwatoyin Fari

Living an extraordinary, fulfilling, and happy life 🖤 -

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